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The world of our game is in a state of war, where kingdoms fight for territories and monsters breach reality to get into our world. Players will be able to create unique characters with special abilities that define their play style.
As a player, you will explore the world to fight dangerous enemies, build your character and look for secret paths to be rewarded with unique items.
//Release date: TBA
Platforms: PC (Steam), followed by other PC storefronts, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox
Gamescom Asia’2021
UE Dev. Contest’2021
Grand prize/Epic Games choice
WN Dev. Contest’2021
Grand Prize/Best Game
The Epic opens the player to a world (divided into sections) living by its own rules, filled with secrets and mysteries, breathing with the character, and not for him. The dynamic combat system is built around a combination of strikes and abilities, and the character development бщвуд encourages the player to make their way deeper and deeper into the center of the story and the explored region:
– Single Player game
– Combat system built on customization and combination of combos and abilities;
– Explore the world in search of living water to develop your character's abilities;
– The global map is not just a way to quickly travel, but a socio-economic marker of the world;
– Unique weapon upgrade system dependent on killing legendary enemies;
– The character is not the center of the universe, but simply an inhabitant of this world and his influence grows as the game progresses.
Far Far Games LLC